El Presidente

Hartmut "Woody" Wahlen is founder and mastermind behind Delico.



Since about 1872 he's working in rock'n'roll industry primarily as an accoutant and therefore inarguably one of the most expirienced Germans in the whole business. You'll have a really hard time to find a venue in Europe he's not familiar with.



First steps in rock'n'roll-catering were made in 1981 with the legendary Frank Zappa. Since those times of course lots has changed foodwise - as in the whole industry. He has grown a proper company with several employees, dozens of regular freelancers, a warhouse in America and the headquarters in Germany.



His experience in both worlds, rock'n'roll & commercial, is key to our success!

The knowledgeable epicure remains the person in charge in all important matters & belongings.



Just el presidente...

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